Anonymous asked: "What do you think of Haylor?"

Honestly, I am not a Taylor fan. To me she seems very fake, and I don’t like how she claims to be so classy and lovely and makes guys out to be the “bad guys” when she dates so many. That being said, I don’t personally know her, she could be lovely, I know she donates to charity alot. She’s just not somebody I care about tbh, so I was kind of like “ugh” when I heard of him and taylor. 

That being said, I know Harry and I will never date unfortunately haha, so let him be with whoever he wants. He’s young, he’s famous, he can do whatever with whomever.

I can’t see them lasting long with their track records though :) x 

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Anonymous asked: "I want your instagram"

message me off anon and i’ll give it to you :) x 

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happy new year’s eve! x

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merry christmas everybody! (: xx

i’ve recieved el’s fossil watch among my other gifts so woo hoo, hope everybody had a wonderful day with family and friends 

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Obviously I am very, very proud of the boys performing at MSG tonight- That’s a massive accomplishment! But to all of the people crying how “Niall is the first Irish person to perform at MSG!” ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

I love Niall, but UH HELLO? Not even true. Have you ever heard of a little band called U2? Yeahhhhh… Bono? Irish. 

I rest my case. 

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